Sunday, 19 March 2017


I get asked 'what makeup do you use' and 'are you wearing makeup' quite a fair bit and what better way than to actually list it here! Firstly, yes I do wear makeup if I'm going out for an occasion or if I'm going to uni (depends how I feel on the day), and obviously it comes down to feeling confident within myself. I believe having gone through the dumps over the previous years; I'm still trying to find my feet. I'm definitely not saying you need to wear makeup in order to feel confident BUT personally for me (if you have read upon my skin break out story) I'm still left with pigmentation which I'm trying to work at.

I don't wear as much makeup anymore as I did say 2-3 years ago and that's a major step for me and to get to a point where I'm not spending like a crazy woman on makeup is a plus - more to spend on food haha! The sole reason why I feel the need to wear makeup is probably to conceal the pigmentation but I'm hoping in the near future I could actually walk out of the house makeup - free!!

Recently having stolen this from my mum - I have been loving this day cream. I feel it's not too heavy nor greasy on the skin and it smells lovely. Unfortunately I have since run out and can't bring myself to purchase a day cream for £23! But if your ever looking for a day cream with spf, I would highly recommend this.
Currently I'm using a combination of these two creams - Superdrug tea tree moisturiser as well as the Skin Defence Multi-protection. These are my favourite combination and before switching to the No.7 day cream, I was using these. It provides me with spf 50 protection, and absorbs really well into the skin.

I have been using this eyebrow kit for years- one of my holy grail products!! It comes with a small brush which I use to fill in my brows as well as clear gel to set your eyebrows in place but I can assure you I have not used it til this day - in my opinion unless your going out, for an everyday basis, it's definitely not necessary. 
The MAC Studio fix - so I have used this product for around 2 years and this is literally my go to foundation. I have scrapped the liquid foundation and stuck to powder and I love it. This has light - medium coverage, so if you would like to conceal spots etc, this probably isn't going to help much unless you were to use concealer underneath which I do if I'm going out for an occasion etc.
It has no spf unlike the other MAC foundations hence why I had to purchase a moisturiser with spf separately but in my opinion it is no biggie. One of the biggest compliments I get is 'Are you wearing makeup?' and for my that comes down to the powder itself as I feel it is quite light and I tend not to layer it on.I definitely would recommend it to you if your looking for a light day to day foundation which doesn't feel heavy nor suffocating your skin.

So that's it for me guys..SHOCK. I know, I'm not kidding you when I say minimal and I'm pretty happy with the products I use. If I'm really feeling up for it, I would wear lipstick/ lip liner but I will leave that to another post.


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