Sunday, 19 March 2017


I get asked 'what makeup do you use' and 'are you wearing makeup' quite a fair bit and what better way than to actually list it here! Firstly, yes I do wear makeup if I'm going out for an occasion or if I'm going to uni (depends how I feel on the day), and obviously it comes down to feeling confident within myself. I believe having gone through the dumps over the previous years; I'm still trying to find my feet. I'm definitely not saying you need to wear makeup in order to feel confident BUT personally for me (if you have read upon my skin break out story) I'm still left with pigmentation which I'm trying to work at.

I don't wear as much makeup anymore as I did say 2-3 years ago and that's a major step for me and to get to a point where I'm not spending like a crazy woman on makeup is a plus - more to spend on food haha! The sole reason why I feel the need to wear makeup is probably to conceal the pigmentation but I'm hoping in the near future I could actually walk out of the house makeup - free!!

Recently having stolen this from my mum - I have been loving this day cream. I feel it's not too heavy nor greasy on the skin and it smells lovely. Unfortunately I have since run out and can't bring myself to purchase a day cream for £23! But if your ever looking for a day cream with spf, I would highly recommend this.
Currently I'm using a combination of these two creams - Superdrug tea tree moisturiser as well as the Skin Defence Multi-protection. These are my favourite combination and before switching to the No.7 day cream, I was using these. It provides me with spf 50 protection, and absorbs really well into the skin.

I have been using this eyebrow kit for years- one of my holy grail products!! It comes with a small brush which I use to fill in my brows as well as clear gel to set your eyebrows in place but I can assure you I have not used it til this day - in my opinion unless your going out, for an everyday basis, it's definitely not necessary. 
The MAC Studio fix - so I have used this product for around 2 years and this is literally my go to foundation. I have scrapped the liquid foundation and stuck to powder and I love it. This has light - medium coverage, so if you would like to conceal spots etc, this probably isn't going to help much unless you were to use concealer underneath which I do if I'm going out for an occasion etc.
It has no spf unlike the other MAC foundations hence why I had to purchase a moisturiser with spf separately but in my opinion it is no biggie. One of the biggest compliments I get is 'Are you wearing makeup?' and for my that comes down to the powder itself as I feel it is quite light and I tend not to layer it on.I definitely would recommend it to you if your looking for a light day to day foundation which doesn't feel heavy nor suffocating your skin.

So that's it for me guys..SHOCK. I know, I'm not kidding you when I say minimal and I'm pretty happy with the products I use. If I'm really feeling up for it, I would wear lipstick/ lip liner but I will leave that to another post.


Friday, 6 January 2017

My mum

Happy Birthday!!

As you may know last year was a big one! 5 0 ! After months of prep and organising, it paid off massively and obviously we are grateful to each and every single person involved with the background because without you guys none of this would have been merely possible.

So I would like to share a few special moments captured of this time last year, a memory to cherish forever:

2017, and another blessing to be able to share another birthday with her. Many of us take our mums for granted but never sit to properly appreciate them. I know that what she has done for all of us, has always been centred around us. She has been our strongest supporter with whatever we chose to do, whether it'd be the cleverest or dumbest idea.
Though she can be annoying at times, I wouldn't change her for the world. She has been a shoulder to cry on, someone to seek advice and even to have a good laugh with. I can honestly say she is perfect and a true role model to not only my family but to those around her.
She is compassionate, considerate and my best friend. No matter what obstacle or trial is thrown her way, she manages to conquer them without complaint nor grumble hence why she is a true blessing. She remains strong and true to herself and to be able to call her 'my mum' humbling would be an understatement.
And as a daughter, I have taught her a lot also. The significant lesson taught to her would be how to use social media such as Instagram and twitter. 
Lots of Love from your favourite daughter.
Enjoy and God Bless.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

'NEW YEAR, NEW ME' - Cliché

Oh boy. 2016: A bittersweet year.
Another chapter coming to an end. My feelings; well I can assure you I am honestly glad. This year has not only been the longest, but toughest and rockiest I've experienced. From loosing a pet, my mum losing her job, our house to having to mentally face toughest challenges. This year has been an incredible learning curb for me as a person and in a little way I'm glad I had the opportunity to face them, to make me stronger, standing my own ground and confident in whom I am. Although having mentioned it, like always my God is never failing, as well as going through the storm, he honestly blessed us abundantly and it all tied in eventually. He carried us through everything and made us stronger in faith. There are so many things I am grateful for, my family, friends and good health, the support and love they continuously pour, making you realise the true meaning of family..
As 2016 closes to an end, the good ol' new year's resolution comes into play.. well for me, I'm definitely going to go back to basics. I haven't set myself goals or targets, but work on some things achievable.
The two things I would love to work on is:


These two tie in perfectly. I have learnt a lot about myself, who I am, people around me and not everyone is going to be your friend. People will judge and hurt you in many different ways and you can't trust anyone. The small little bubble I have been living in and this year has opened my eyes. That brings me onto faith, the trials and tribulations.. I shouldn't always run back to my mum when things get tough.. I should turn more to God. One of my good friend sent me this 'Talk to God and make an exchange. Give Him your burdens and he'll give you peace'.

What are your New years resolution, if any? let me know.

God Bless

Friday, 30 December 2016

Isaiah 30:18

'So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
 so he can show you his love and compassion.

For the Lord is a faithful God.

    Blessed are those who wait for his help.'

As I fumbled and altered my 'Title' for quite sometime, I ended up choosing something simple.
Truth be told, I struggle to write posts like this; am I saying the right thing? are people judging me? am I experienced enough to be writing this .. etc .. There'll be so many testimonies I would love to share, so many incredible verses but why do I get so scared to share them? But then again sitting here I realised none of that actually matters.. and I would love to share personal experiences with you guys.

Anyways, as we are approaching the end of 2016 ( probably one of the toughest years, I can remember) I sit here reflecting and my ambitions for 2017. One thing I KNOW I want to do, is focus more on God, and the Bible and building a relationship with Him.

Well my journey with God.. hmm.. when I went to university in 2013, my relationship and worshipping reached its all time low to nearly becoming non-existent and I thought I could manage everything on my own (you can imagine how that worked out - a little hint: not so great) and returning home for the holidays was the only time I went to church. As months passed, I somewhat became lost? I felt the distance and praying would just simply be closing my eyes and reciting words.

I felt and became so distant. How could I even think about asking for God's help when I have disregarded him for so long. Soon after the summer of 2014 it became evident.. I needed the Lord, I needed his LOVE and COMPASSION, I needed his BLESSING. I realised I required the guidance of the Lord, without Him I was weak and somewhat hopeless. Although I pushed Him so far out of reach, it only took ONE prayer, ONE.
The greatest blessing was poured into my life, a route in education I never thought I'd be able to achieve but only wish for.. Then again, the verse which has become oh so popular with my friends is Matthew 19:26 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible'

I think the scary thing for me would be to loose the sight of God again, living in this uncertain world without His support and guidance. If you ever feel like you are drifting, take the time out, spend it with God, speak to Him. He yearns for it - the only way Jesus can help you is only if you ask.

God Bless.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Hiya friends,
I hope all is well, I thought I would show you what I wore, so do a little outfit post. I absolutely love reading fashion posts and following fashion bloggers so I put together my little own. Honestly because this holiday was so so last minute, I didn't really buy clothes specifically for going away so I ended up putting some of my old finds together to create these outfits. 

Okay let me begin..

Outfit 1
Top: New Look
Shorts: Primark
Sunglasses: Market, Puerto Del Carmen
Necklace: Accessorize

Outfit 2
Top: Pull and Bear
Skirt: Next
Sunglasses: Market, Puerto Del Carmen
Belt: Primark
Watch: Timex

Outfit 3
Top: New Look
Shorts: Basic (Arrecife)
Sunglasses: Market, Puerto Del Carmen
Watch: Timex

Outfit 4 & 5
Top: Pull and bear
Shorts: Basic (Arrecife)
Sunglasses: Primark
Watch: Timex

Hope you all enjoyed the read, let me know what you think!! 
Oh and before I forget I basically took away flats and Nike trainers BUT because they were black, they were making my feet BURN.. so I honestly ended up buying and wearing flip flops everyday and it was probably the most greatest decision ever. I still wear them around the house too, comfyy!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

MY TRAVEL DIARY // Arrecife & Puerto Del Carmen

Hola, cómo estás!

Unfortunately that's all I learnt, while I was away in Spain alongside 'gracias' hence why I wouldn't be able to write a whole post in spanish, sorry.

As you all may know, from the countless numbers of Instagram pictures and my Youtube video, we went on a family holiday for a week. It was such a surreal experience, bearing in mind it was our first family holiday since Canada maybe 4-5 years ago. Everything there was so picturesque and gorgeous I wanted to capture everything, and the best thing about it was definitely the sun, oh how it's a transition from Northern Ireland. The warm air, brightness honestly couldn't help but enjoy every minute of it ( but sometimes the heat got a little too much I felt I was stepping on fire haha)

We spent alot of the time exploring different cities, I think they were cities so obviously we left on a Thursday and that pretty much was travelling to Arrecife, and settling down.
Friday, we went exploring the surrounding area, I was intrigued to as what this little town had to offer. I honestly loved the blue and white combination and everywhere you looked was just so bright and admirable.
We went into the Arrecife town and did a little bit of shopping, and by 'we' I mean my mum and sister.

On the Saturday, my little sister, my dad and I left early for the market which happens in the town and we wanted to check out the stalls, I mean who doesn't love a market. I honestly have to say, I wasn't overly impressed by it, I don't know if it was because it was super early or I wasn't feeling the hustle and bustle. But we finished off there and headed off to the popular resort of puerto del carmen, which I hear is a popular tourist area and it became so evident when we got there; all the British folks gathering at the local restaurant and wondering about. It felt kind of good as Arrecife was more of a local area with minimal tourists.
We relaxed out in the sun for most of the day in Puerto del carmen, while my mum and dad went off to get their hair chopped. As sisters do, we set off on a mission to find ice cream but came across this dessert place, oh my goodness. It was absolutely HEAVEN [Pic down below].
The afternoon and evening was spent hopping onto the bus and we went to Biosfera shopping centre which had the well know brands such as 'Pull and Bear, Zara, Bershka'  and we shopped away til we dropped.. and when I mean dropped I meant my poor dad's wallet haha.

So that's it for me for today, I hope you all enjoyed my little travel diary update.

Make sure to stay tuned for my take on our North and South tour of Lanzarote. I will take in a little detail about the volcanoes, Timanfya and also about our camel tour!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Oval Brushes // REVIEW

I'm guessing you all have seen the hype this year about these brushes. I started noticing them a lot around instagram, and honestly I didn't understand what they were raving about as it honestly looked rubbish and extremely pointless (yes extremely harsh i know, so sorry).
I somehow became super curious - you know as one does.. and began researching into the cost.. oh boy was I in for a surprise, it was the MAC oval brush which retailed for £34.00 and immediately the thought of purchasing one banished.

When I was in London a couple of months back, my cousin, sister and I went off to primark oxford street and these oval brushes caught my eye. They retailed for a very impressive £2.50 - £4.00. I honestly remember grabbing all these oval brushes and shoving them into my basket but unfortunately ( til this day it baffles me) I didn't end up buying them except my cousin. I remember returning home and my cousin was raving about this primark oval brush and so there I was on the hunt trying to find oval brushes.. trust me I searched EVERYWHERE, I even ended up searching for them in pennys while in Dublin. To my dismay, no luck.
As you know me, I jumped onto amazon and these brushes were there and I couldn't help but purchase them. 


I may as well begin with pros and cons. The brush I have to admit caught me by surprise, it is super soft and I found as I applied foundation I did get that airbrushes look which I absolutely loved. I found it was super smooth on the skin and honestly it felt amazing. 
Before using the brush I did spritz it with primer so that there would be that damp effect.
Although I would have to point out when using the brush, sometimes i struggled to get right into the nooks and cranny ( if you get what i mean i.e around the inner corner of my eyes as well as the nose). Due to the price of the products I wasn't surprised at how flimsy the handle was, I mean I was super cautious at how I was using the brush because I felt it was going to snap at any moment. 



All in all I was so happy with the purchase and for a bargain of £5.06 it couldn't have gone wrong. I reckon you'd just have to be super careful when using these brushes as it may have the tendency to break and definitely would recommend this brushes for maybe anyone wanting to test out oval brushes / beginners.

Let me know what are your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.
The link to the brushes: http://amzn.to/2bun4Fy (They are actually reduced so you may as well grab them now)

Friday, 26 August 2016


I always find myself window shopping online for hours, and I thought I may as well just share it with you guys and some are on sale, so make sure to grab it before it sells out.. I received an email letting me know 'hey missguided are doing 30% off' and obviously I'm so broke so I may as well just post it on my blog.










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