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Finding makeup to fit my skin tone is mission impossible, honestly.
Foundations/ concealers are either too light or either too dark meaning I can never find 'the perfect one.'

Do you ever notice how amazing the makeup looks in store and when try it at home it's the total opposite? 
That is the story of my life.

So you may have noticed in my previous posts, I bought the Clinique beyond perfecting 2 in 1. This is a concealer and foundation combined which comes with the angled tip applicator and it gives you the perfect coverage.

The beyond perfecting foundation and concealer is highly pigmented and it does give you a flawless coverage no doubt about it. It is lightweight which is beneficial when applying to areas under the eyes.

 For me personally, I really love it on some days and the other days I really don't like it- so in conclusion I have handed it down to my little sister.
The main reason why I decided to give it away was because I felt it was too orange on my face no matter how little amounts I used. I'm just looking for something that would give me that natural look rather than making it blatantly obvious I have makeup on. You could say it maybe wasn't the right shade for me unfortunately so I'm still on the hunt.

Steps I took:

1.I took my MAC pro longwear concealer  NC45 to cover blemishes, dark circles under my eyes and around my lips using the real techniques concealer brush. The reason why I love this brush is because it's angular and allows you to conceal in areas where you may miss giving it a precise coverage.

2. I took my chisel cheeks contour kit by BarryM and used my real techniques face expert brush ( as I didn't really have any other suitable brushes with me at the time) to contour my face. You can check out product details here. The contour kit comes with a highlighter, bronzer and sculpter with instructions on what to do which is extremely handy! 
The kit itself is really great for it's price and it really does contour well so I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get their hands on one!

3. I used the maybelline master smoky black eyeliner pencil to shade in my eyebrows ... yes the old fashioned way.. purely because I don't own an eyebrow kit but it still does the job for me.

4. I lined my lips with the maybelline colour drama lipstick and mine was 'Light it up' and applied the wet'n'wild sugar plum fairy lipstick. Okay I have to say I ADORE ADORE ADORE this lipstick. It is one of my favourites of all time. 
It applies really smoothly and it looks stunning on!! The sugar plum fairy as the name suggests is a plum colour, lasts for quite a bit 3-4hours and totally inexpensive!! One of my best buys!!

5.To finish off, I applied my MAC Kohl power eye pencil and lined my upper eyelid and the bottom of my eye to finish off the look.

so what did you guys think? 

Product details
Wet'n'Wild lipstick- sugar plum fairy| Amazon| £2.34 (excluding delivery)
Clinique beyond perfecting foundation+concealer| Debenhams| £25.00 (30ml)
Real Techniques Expert face brush| Boots| £9.99
Real Techniques concealer brush| Superdrug| £7.99
Real Techniques Stippling Brush| Superdrug| £10.99
Maybelline colour drama lipstick| Superdrug| £4.99
MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil| MAC| £14.00

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  1. I love the lip shade. It looks really nice on you :)

    Sarah |

    1. aww thank you very much Sarah! honestly wet'n'wild lipsticks are just as amazing as MAC but affordable hehe xx

  2. I love the look! I've been looking for bright lips to inspire me on gloomy days! Also, your hair is absolutely fabulous! Can you do hair care routine?

    1. Hey Shaguna! definitely, especially when summer is round the corner! :) :) Thank you so much and I will definitely get that done for you in the next week or so! xx

  3. Cute!