Christmas 2015

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely day and Santa was generous as always. I had a pleasurable day which started off with family prayer before going to church then onwards to my uncle's house for some yummy Christmas dinner.

Here are a few things I had received as my Christmas gifts, with all of which I was thrilled about. I had also got a few gift cards and money from family which was perfect for boxing day sales!
Obviously can't beat Christmas without the typical classic chocolate box.

How gorgeous is this Stilla palette? All Stilla products were purchased by my dad, as shocking as that sounds, don't worry my little sister helped him pick out these products. 
There are 12 shades ( obviously) with 4 matte shades as well as 8 shimmer shades. I have yet to try it out but I'm super excited.

This comfy comfy throw is something I picked up from Primark at a remarkable price of just £5. As many would know, I get extremely cold even if the heater is on and I'm the kind of person that just loves warmth and I thought it'd be perfect for wrapping myself with. This is super super soft too - would definitely recommend during this winter period.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas, so sad it's come to an end. Did you get anything nice? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Lovely presents!

    1. thank you! I hope you had a lovely christmas too!! xx

  2. That throw is so cute! I was so close to buying it!
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